HERSCHEL W. Vick Jr, MS – Biography

Herschel W. Vick Jr., formerly known as Sonny, graduated from Delaware State University in 2013 with a bachelor’s in Business Management. He went on to pursue his education and graduated from Wilmington University in 2019 with a master’s in Administration of Human Services. He has over 10 years of experience in the Health Care setting, serving various leadership roles as Case Manager, Program Coordinator, and Intake Coordinator-Clinical Assessor. He is a Licensed Bachelor Social Worker, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medication Technician, Certified Dementia Practitioner, American Heart Association CPR Instructor, and Mental Health Screener for the State of Delaware, just to name a few.

His journey started in 2002 at Sussex Central Senior High School, where he took the early stages of the newly formed Step Team and introduced the group to be a Co-ED Step Team. The Step Team is The First Public Act of Drill Team/Dance created at the Sussex Central Senior High School. He quickly gained great recognition, which led him to add the components Unity, Leadership, Step/Dance/Drama, and Integrity. These four components are the morals and goals he created as the Foundation of the Step Team. The E. N. V. Y. Step Team was a major movement throughout the Sussex County area from 2002-2011. The Step Team performed at high school pep rallies, parades, basketball games, etc. He also embarked on the Big Brother and Sisters Knights Mentor Program.

With a love and passion to create inclusion, his second passion has always been working with the youth. He is a proud graduate of the Delaware State University Upward Bound Trio Program. He quickly engaged and established employment with his local Boys and Girls Club while in college, holding the position of Site Assistant. He continued to expound on his creative ability to create events that inspire the youth to carry forth the enjoyment and benefits of being engaged in a NoBullyZone atmosphere. His promotion in creating a positive movement in his community led him to achieve a few certifications in Early Childhood Education and Moving The Youth Ahead.

In 2013, he started his vision with #NoBullyZoneDE. It has always been a passion of his to entertain, empower, educate, and provide a magical place where all feel safe, respected, and loved. He utilizes his gifts and skills to impact the lives of the youth. He wrote his vision, mission, and purpose of what he hoped to introduce to his surrounding community later in his future. He placed his vision on the side due to the various challenges he endured. In 2014, he set the motion to execute his vision in creating #NoBullyZoneDE. Adding to the statistic of being a victim of being bullied, he captured all his bullying experience and created a solid foundation that brought bullying awareness to his surrounding area. He has a story and a testimony.

2015, he took full charge and launched his vision of #NoBullyZoneDE. Within that Year he gained membership with Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity Inc. Achieving his goal of joining a Fraternity, the profound brotherhood quickly activated and supported him to serve as a launching pad for a diverse group of youth in his surrounding community.

His motto is, “Together We Can Make It.” His goal is to encourage all to join together, take action and lead the way by offering #NoBullyZoneDE education tools by creating custom events, outreach opportunities, scholarships, community services initiatives, and prizes designed to embrace inclusion and kindness throughout his community.

He is the Ace-TrailBlazer of the Sussex County Area (Delaware). He continues to shape and impact the lives of the youth in his surrounding area. He commits to hosting monthly creative activities events free of charge for the youth in his surrounding area. Glow Skate Nights, Back to School Supplies and Book Bag Give-A-Way, Thanksgiving, and Christmas free meals served to the community, and Halloween Trunk-A-Treat, are a few of the events he hosts.

Foundation, Inc. in December 2020. The Sonny Vick Foundation, Inc. is the solid foundation that caters to an array of services. The Sonny Vick Foundation is designed to teach and create inclusiveness, kindness, and is open to all walks of life as its vehicle proactively in the community. Under the umbrella of the Sonny Vick Foundation Inc (Purpose.Action.Reason). are the following:

E.N.V.Y. Alumni Step Team-To Build Rhythm and Dance to enhance the life within the community. Community Service, Performance Arts, Leadership, and Unity is what the Step Team Aims for.

#NoBullyZoneDE-To keep our youth well and alive. Gathering Together to capture our youth’s mindset and pushing them to greater heights. Positive Movement In the Community.

Punk Kish – Together, we create life-changing wishes of inclusion where equality has full access to innovation to discover your purpose, action, reason.

Vick CPR – To provide life-saving techniques to promote longer and more lasting lives.

Abraham Seed  To bless the above measures to create an atmosphere of inclusion and support with diligence enough to value the door of expansion to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities including families, employees, neighbors, and members of our surrounding community. (Residential community-based setting group home).